Skymind is the world’s first dedicated AI ecosystem builder, enabling companies and organisations to develop their own AI applications and provide them with the tools to be innovators in their industry.


About Think Plus

Think Plus is a Skymind appointed training provider to provide Skymind’s Deep Learning Certification Progam. 

About this program

This program is a master certification to groom AI talent potential and career path in AI in the area of Deep Learning. Skymind certification is a certified short course that starts from the basics to the practical skills needed to solve real world problems.


This includes an in-depth study of data pipelines and deep learning model development from deploying deep learning to production. It also incorporates theoretical and hands-on sessions to reinforce technical concepts. Lab-intensive training and certification exams are designed to prepare participants for advancement into a career path with competent skills and competence.

What is the benefit if I join this Deep Learning Certification Program?

There is a potential for job placement with Skymind! With this program, your competitive advantages will be tremendous, such as:

  • Job assurance in the data science field

  • Access to cutting edge machine learning tools and technologies 

  • Equip yourself with competent problem solving skills to transform business problems into AI-driven solutions

Can I apply for this Deep Learning Certification Program?

Yes! If you meet the requirements below :

Graduating students, fresh graduates and working professionals with with the following background:

  • Bachelor’s Degree and above or fourth year upon graduation in fields such as Statistics, Mathematics, Computer Science, Electronics Engineering or equivalent.

  • Have fundamentals in programming languages such as Java, C++, Python or others

  • Aware about the current technology trends and can name a few use case applications in Artificial Intelligence.

  • Good analytical and problem-solving skills 

Understand the process of this Deep Learning Certification Program

From application to training to placement


Submit your application for futher review and assessment.


Successful applicants selected by Skymind shall be given a tentative offer and is required to proceed for the Deep Learning Certification training.


Complete the Deep Learning Certification Training Program.

(The program fees of RM2,500 is to be borne by the applicant)


At the end of the training, you are required to SIT and PASS for the Deep Learning Engineer Examination. Only succesful trainees shall proceeed to the next stage.

On Boarding

Sucessful trainees shall be placed with Skymind for their new role as Deep Learning Engineers.


Apply NOW & Complete the Skymind Assessment

Please complete the Skymind Assessment for further processing of your application.


How long is the program?

The Deep Learning Certification is a 12 Days training course. At the end of the training, there is a 1 Day Exam. Due the current situation, all trainings and exam will be conducted fully online until August 2020.

When do I pay for the training course?

Payment for the training course is only required if you pass  Skymind selection process. If selected, you must take the training, and payment is required before class begins.

What is the payment method?

Payment of RM 2,500 for the program can be made via credit card or FPX payment. We also offer installment payments of RM1,250 x 2 months. The payment link will only be provided after you have been selected.

If I did not get selected, can I apply again in the future?

Yes, if you prepare yourself with required knowledge and skill needed by Skymind, you may be reconsidered depending on your new acquired knowledge and skill.

What if I fail the Deep Learning Engineer Exam?

Don't worry. You may resit the exam one more time without any additional cost.

I did not receive the assessment questions after submitting my application. What should I do?

If you have any questions or need any assistance, kindly email to us at training@thinkplusmanpower.com

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