Oil and Gas companies and professionals are among the main targets for cybercriminals. Hundreds of times per day, they are attempting to access your computer or your data, often by tricking you with fake emails, fake links, or even fake phone calls and voicemails. How do you know what’s real and what you should avoid?

In this course, IT security expert Ken Dwight, aka “The Virus Doctor” will walk you through the world of cybersecurity, including the attacks, techniques, and strategies the bad guys use everyday to try and make us click without thinking.

1 hr






course objective

• Learn to defend yourself and your company from cybercriminals
• The threats from cybercriminals which target your devices and yourself
• Cybersecurity terms including phishing, vishing, ransomware, sextortion, social engineering, and botnets
• What cybercriminals hope to achieve by attacking people and devices
• Learn about the role played by hardware, software, privilege level, and updates in protecting your computer
• Identify characteristics of a “strong” password
• Explain the 3-2-1 backup strategy and how it protects from ransomware
• Learn the ways criminals hope to get access to your computer
• Discuss the role of clickbait and social engineering in cybersecurity attacks

course topics

• Along with Microsoft trainer Lisa Lopez, Ken will cover the critical topics everyone needs to know, including:
• The types of attacks all users face every day
• The threats posed by Phishing, Spear-Phishing, Spyware, Ransomware, Sextortion, and more
• What the criminals hope to gain by attacking you and your devices
• The ways you can protect yourself and your computer
• The characteristics of a strong password
• The best backup strategies to protect your data from ransomware attacks
• The social engineering techniques that criminals use to prey on your emotions so you let your guard down and allow them into your computer or accounts
• With real-life examples pulled from over 20 years in IT security, "The Virus Doctor" will teach all you need to know in this engaging, effective eLearning course!



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