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What Is IECEx?

International Electrotechnical Commission System For Certification To Standards Relating To Equipment For Use In Explosive Atmospheres (IECEx System).

Why Is IECEx Competency Needed?

PETRONAS & HRDF Has Listed Many Positions that REQUIRE IECEx Competency In The Latest Industrial Skills Framework For Oil & GAS Industry.

This Framework Shows IECEx Competency For Ex001, Ex003, Ex004, Ex005, Ex006, Ex007, Ex008 And Ex009 Are NEEDED In Order To Work In The Oil And Gas Industry TODAY!

The Oil And Gas Industry DEMANDS Personnel To Be IECEx Competent In Order To Carry Out Installation, Maintenance, Testing and Inspection Works. 

How Do I Know If I Need To Be IECEx Competent?

Answer The Following Questions :

Are You Working In Oil & Gas Industry?

Does Your Work Involves You To Inspect Equipment?


Do You Carry Out Maintenance & Turnaround?


Does Your Job Involve You To Work As Installer? 

Are You Involve In Project Works?

Is Your Worksite A Hazardous Area / Explosive Atmosphere?

Are You A Part Of A Team That Needs To Procure Ex Equipment?

Do You Manage A Team Of Technicians And Engineers For Installation And Maintenance Projects?

....If You Answered YES To ANY Of The Questions Above....



So, Which IECEx Competency Unit Should I Take?

There Are Ten (10) Competency Units For Personnel Under IECEx Standards.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Competency Units

Do I Have To Take All Ten Units In Order To Be Competent? 

NO. Only Take The Competency Unit That Is More Relevant To Your Work Background And Experience.

Can I Choose On My Own Which Unit I Want To Be Competent In?

YES. But You Need To Make Sure You Already Have The Relevant Work Background And Experience Related To That Competency Unit.


I Don't Know Which Unit To Take.

Take The Ex001 Unit First. After That You Can Decide Which Other Unit Best Suits You And Your Line Of Work.

Can I Take Many Competency Units Together, Or Do I Have To Take It One By One?

You Can Combine Multiple Units Together. You Can Also Take It One By One.

I Am Fresh Graduate. Which Unit Should I Take?

For Under Graduates and Fresh Graduates With Less Than 3 Years Experience, You Can Take The IECEx Unit Ex000.

I Have Never Done Any Work In Relation To Ex Equipment. Can I Still Get Certified?

Yes, You Can Take The Ex001 Unit First. After That You Can Decide Which Other Unit Best Suits You And Your Line Of Work.

My Line Of Work Is Related To Unit Ex004. Do I Have To Take Unit Ex001, Ex002 And Ex003 Before Ex004?

No. If Your Line Of Work Is Related to Unit Competency Ex004, You Only Have To Take Unit Ex001 Before Ex004, Or You Combine And Take Ex001 and Ex004 At The Same Time. You Don't Have To Take Ex002 Or Ex003 If It Is Not Relevant To Your Work Background And Experience.

How Many Competency Units Can I Take At One Time?

If Your Line Of Work Is Related To Many Competency Units, You Can Take Them All At The Same Time. Just Take Note That The Cost Will Be High.'

Why Do I Have To Take Unit Ex001?

Unit Ex001 Is A Pre Requisite To Other Competency Units. You Have To Take Ex001 Before Other Units Or You Can Take It Together At The Same Time. Ex001 Is Not Required For Units Ex002, Ex005 and Ex010.

Competency Units Required Based On Job Positions

I Know Which Competency Units To Take.... Now What?


Why You Must Join Think Plus Academy IECEx Training Courses

This Plus Academy Has Been Conducting IECEx Training Courses In Malaysia Since The Year 2016. We Have Trained Many Individuals, Through Our Public, In-House And Government Funded Courses. 

All Trainees Will Take The IECEx Assessment With SIRIM Qas International, The IECEx Certification Body In Malaysia. 

We Partner With Think Plus Consulting Sdn Bhd, A Manpower Supply Company To Supply Manpower To The Oil & Gas Industry.

We Are A Registered HRDF Training Provider And Our IECEx Courses Are Registered With HRDF And PERKESO.

Our Training Centre In Kuala Lumpur Has Four (4) Ex Training Bays That Are Used For Practical Training As Well As Competency Assessment. 


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Free Consultation To Complete IECEx Assessment Application!

Bonus Private Session With Trainer Before Assessment!

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We Offer Installment Payment Options Of 3 months / 6 months / 1 Year!

Installment Payment Plan As Low As RM 250 Per Month!

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